Thought of here, Zhang Tiehan is slightly dissatisfied, which may be that there is no agent’s distress.

With an agent, everything will be arranged for you. Without an agent, even if many local clubs can’t do well, they don’t know it at all.
It seems really necessary to find an agent.
The next morning, Zhang man of iron went to the team for training, and Zhang Zhenren also walked into the office of Steven Nelson, the head of the athletic department of Wigan Athletic Club, led by the staff.
Steven Nelson was startled by Zhang Zhenren as soon as he met him.
This guy doesn’t look like he’s here to negotiate a contract, but he looks like he’s here to collect protection.
Zhang Zhenren sat there’ friendly’ and smiled at Nelson, who was clever in his heart.
But actually Zhang Zhenren is fierce-looking, and his heart is much more nervous.
After all, he is still a student at the University of Munich. He has never experienced these things. He has moved from China to Germany. He is mature in mind and knows something about football agency, that’s all.
I’m still very concerned about Zhang Zhenren now.
Negotiating a contract for Zhang man of iron is simple, but it is also practical. He can’t find experience on weekdays. He doesn’t want to help in Dabao Zhang restaurant all the time. He is determined to do well when he has this opportunity.
This is the first time that he has come to England, and it is also the first time that he has negotiated a contract with someone in such an environment. Although it is not a big club, there is no difference between a big club and a small club for a newborn calf. It is always the first time that he is nervous for the first time.
Zhang Zhenren forced himself to calm down to keep his face smiling.
He needs to do a good job of surface work so that the other party doesn’t see that he is nervous.
It’s the first time, but he knows very well what to do. He hasn’t done anything, but he knows that the club will focus on its own interests, and all he has to do is for Zhang Tiehan’s cousin to win more interests.
Zhang Zhenren wants to show kindness, and his expression is also kind. He has been laughing, even though it is a fake expression.
However, he ignores the fact that he looks a little different from normal people. Although he has been laughing, it is difficult for Nelson to understand …
In Nelson’s view, Zhang Zhenren is an evil person who wants to be protected.
But fortunately, this is his office, and the other party is here to talk about the contract for Zhang Tiehan, so it should not be started.
"Britain is not Italy without mafia … Britain is not the Arab region without terrorist organizations … Britain is not Somalia without war …"
Nelson kept talking about making sure that this guy wouldn’t do it before he took a long breath and felt much better.
He can ask Zhang Zhenren what to say, take out a stack of printed contracts from one folder and hand them over. "Mr. Zhang, this is our newly prepared contract. You can have a look first."
Zhang Zhenren took it and looked down carefully.
He skipped a lot of the previous clauses and found the most important ones directly, then frowned without looking at Nelson. "Mr. Nelson, does Wigan Athletic Club mean to let man of iron leave voluntarily?"
"Is there a problem?" When it comes to formal issues, Nelson calmly chuckled and asked
Looking at Nelson and smiling, Zhang Zhenren felt that he was despised. Before he came, he did a lot of work and learned a lot about player contracts.
In his opinion, many contracts are not in line with my cousin’s current performance.
Cousin has done very well in the team and has often scored goals recently, so the treatment should not reach the first-team player tour
"Mr. Nelson, my cousin is the main midfielder of the team and very young. I think his salary should reach the average level of the team!" Zhang Zhenren said angrily, but the sound was extremely calm.
"Besides, when my cousin came to the club, the contract term was three years and this contract was five years? This is impossible! We can’t accept it! "
In the face of Zhang Zhenren’s inquiry, Nelson was noncommittal and smiled. "This contract was ready when Zhang came to the team. We have never signed it because Zhang has no agent and we think that the weekly salary of 5,000 pounds is reasonable for Zhang. The performance of young people is always ups and downs, but neither you nor I can be sure that Zhang’s state will last forever."
"no!" Zhang Zhenren refused, "This is totally unreasonable. As far as I know, the average salary of Wigan Athletic is 6,000 pounds. Andy Riddell, the top star in the team, is paid 20,000 pounds a week and Zhang has 5,000 pounds? Do you think this is reasonable, Mr. Nelson? "
Nelson said, "If Zhang Nengjian is in the latest state, of course we will offer corresponding treatment, but we are not sure, but Mr. Zhang can rest assured that we can discuss the salary …"
"What about the age?"
"We think five years is a reasonable period of time. Zhang is 10 years old and he will be only 19 years old in February of 2008. After five years, Zhang will be only 23 years old. If Zhang Nengjian performs well, I don’t think he will stay in the club for five years. This contract is just to reassure both sides. We don’t want Zhang to be free to transfer to other clubs just at the age of 21. I think you can understand Mr. Zhang."
Nelson still smiled, but Zhang Zhenren commented on a sentence in his heart,’ old fox’
He shook his head and said coldly, "We can’t agree that my cousin’s contract has a three-year term now, and don’t forget …"
"The liquidated damages for that contract are four million pounds!"
Zhang Zhenren has been very calm for so long, and he knows that this is the biggest bargaining chip.
Zhang Tiehan was worth 400,000 pounds when he moved to Wigan Athletic. Because there was no competition from other clubs to draft the contract, the penalty was 4 million pounds.
Zhang Tiehan didn’t care about signing this figure at that time. According to my cousin’s current performance, a club will be willing to pay 4 million pounds to buy a future.
Nelson was silent.
He didn’t care about Zhang Zhenren at first, but when he heard this, he knew that he had made a mistake of contempt. The other side was very obvious. This chip was so heavy that he had to compromise.
"What do you mean?" Nelson looked up and asked
"Pay more than ten thousand pounds! The contract period is still three years! "
Nelson interrupted Zhang Zhenren’s words, "The salary is negotiable, but Zhang is too young, and the contract period must be five years."
"We can’t accept" Zhang zhen Ren decisively refused.
Five years?
In the past five years, my cousin is 23 years old. If my cousin wants to leave halfway and transfer to another club, then this contract will be the biggest obstacle.
Three years and five years is too long!

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