"My sister and I will drive."

I asked Dr. Lailu all the way and finally sighed.
"Your sister is really amazing."
? ? ?
Momo peach turned her head with big eyes and looked at Dr. Lu in disbelief. "I’ll do it with my sister."
"Oh," Dr. Lu sighed again, "It’s really a woman who doesn’t let a man."
Although I didn’t say it, Momo Tao felt that there was definitely no woman in it.
Momo Tao is not happy.
When Momo Peach was unhappy, she stuffed Dr. Lu, who showed a liking for quietness, into the litter pile at home. Her eyebrows curved and she looked at Dr. Lu, who was stiff in the twittering.
Then at the cubs said
"When you take Dr. Lu around the farm, remember to learn more about how to take care of children with Dr. Lu, and then your sister will be born. Whoever can take care of her best will take her to play."
"I, I want to take my sister to play."
"Dr. Lu, please teach me how to take care of my sister."
"Can I take my sister swimming?"
Dr. Lu’s voice soon disappeared in the cubs, and the five senses were distorted for a moment in the middle of my words.
Partial babies don’t pay attention to these things. After winning, they give priority to their younger sisters. They are very enthusiastic. You pull one and I lead people around and then they walk around.
After waiting for people to leave, Momo Peach felt the clap hands and walked home.
"Fourth brother cooks a dish later. Dr. Lu should not eat spicy food." Momo Tao ran to the kitchen and shouted.
In the kitchen, there are four songs, two songs, three songs and a few small bowls to help with the dishes.
This family has to be busy for a while to eat.
"No problem", but Qu Si is quite comfortable with this.
Compared with hundreds of people in the canteen, this is really nothing
"Why is Dr. Lu here?" Others are curious.
"I think it’s a visit." Momo Tao is not sure. "I just went out and touched it. It seems that I want to go to a hot pot restaurant for dinner, but there is no one there."
"Hee hee," she shook her little head and said, "I have inquired about this doctor Lu’s family, and several generations are studying medicine. This medical skill is good."
"Who has a problem after we fight? He has to help?"
Before this, Momo Tao really didn’t realize the importance of doctors, but Momo Tao woke up one after another.
No, Dr. Lu, when she changes back to school, she will go to the medical department more often
Speaking of which, her roommate Muyu is also studying medicine, so let her invite some friends to come here to play.
Or organize an activity.
Momo peach hands caressed ba and fell into thinking.
"You said you’d throw people to those cubs when you’re done?" Persimmon sat aside because she was pregnant and didn’t take part in the kitchen.
"I think he’s too bored," Momo Tao Gu said. "It’s interesting that he can help him catch a chicken and pick up an egg when the time comes."
Persimmon doesn’t talk, but she doesn’t believe her story
Momo peach hey hey smile and then look at the other well in the room.
Qu Dabo and others went to check the chicken and duck pens, and Lao Qu followed her son to Yu Wumanzhu. Since her illness, her treatment has been similar to that of persimmon now.
What do you do at your age?
So she just sat there watching.
To others
Momo peach turned to look at persimmon thoughtfully and said, "Speaking of which, have we forgotten anyone?"
Persimmon raised her eyebrows and looked left and right and said, "Do you still want to call Xiaohua and Ah He?"
"When the time comes to hold a banquet, it will be almost the same. It won’t be long before the master looks like this."
"Why don’t you think about it again?" Momo peach wrinkled his nose.
"Sisao not go to the show? Is it hard to come back? " Persimmon frown "eldest brother and sister-in-law say what they want to say so far away"
"Brother-in-law, sister, do you remember your brother-in-law?"
Momo peach sighed deeply, and even gave a look of silence in her heart. She looked at persimmon with something of hate for iron not to produce.
"Haven’t you informed your brother-in-law?"
"…" Persimmon was silent for a while before whispering as if talking to himself.
"He is busy these days and should still be in class. Now the notice should be just right."
"Talking before will affect his class"
It’s Momo’s turn to talk peach and roll his eyes.
Who believes this?
Persimmon regards Momo peach as a small figure and thinks about it. It’s better to call someone first.
But people haven’t got up yet
Even all came in from the outside and said, "What’s the matter at home? Listen to them say that you have asked for leave. "
This means that I have been to the Transportation Bureau, but I haven’t seen anyone looking for me again.
Looking at Lian Jun’s calm persimmon with a kind of heart and face is inexplicably guilty. It is a feeling of early Momo peach.
It seems that she didn’t come and even said anything, right? Persimmon pursed her lips and her eyes flickered.

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