As Du Yun begin signal shout out next to those who follow to the grand city master immediately is the exhibition attack suddenly shock wave, magic attack flying around the earth and constantly scream!

Only a few blink of an eye, those who don’t surrender to the Vatican will die and leave a corpse to look at the horrible situation. Du Yun sighed deeply. "He is not a ruthless murderer, but sometimes he really has to do so, otherwise the bad luck will be him or his relatives!
At this moment, a mass of fireworks appeared in the sky. Du Yun knew that it was sent by him to look for an Feng-shaped man who had found something and sent a signal. Du Yun told his men to bury the bodies of these people, and then sent someone to take good care of these surrender masters, and he flew quickly towards the first signal! Du Yun made the green ghost wing extremely fast. It took only less than five minutes to get to the signal location. There was no one there with an arrow pointing to the right. Du Yun knew that it was the chief who had previously sent him a clue, and then he followed the arrow direction to recover. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before he saw three big families closely following two people!
Du Yun smiled and speeded up again. After the blink of an eye, he was in front of the two men. He looked at the back of the light Vatican guard. He looked pale and looked very weak. Du Yun said with an expression, "This is my territory. If you want to leave, you have to see if I want to!"
See Du Yun stopped in front of the heartfelt glory of the Vatican guards put the wind into the ground and whispered in his ear; "Archbishop, I’ll get his attention. You take the opportunity to escape."
Ranging from voice to voice, the man is pulling out the halberd and rushing towards Du Yunchong. The level of the man is really low, and Du Yun’s half-root poses no threat to Du Yunzao. Instead, Du Yun’s purple rock shenhuo condenses into a fireball at will and shoots at the man’s chest.
Hearing a loud bang, the man’s body was knocked backward and ran out for three or four meters before he slammed into the ground. The ground was shaken and fled. When the wind heard the loud noise, he quickly turned around and found that the Vatican guard who was carrying his own light had fallen to the ground and kept spewing blood!
The wind limped to the front of the guard with a sigh and gently lifted him up. "I can’t leave you today, no matter I go by myself. I shouldn’t find it difficult for Du Gu to chase someone."
"But Archbishop, I can’t leave you alone. Even if I return to the Vatican, I will be punished by the Pope," said the guard excitedly.
"Hey, hey, it’s not so easy to leave without my permission in this area." Du Yun’s cold voice rang again.
"Du Yun, I’ll stay and kill you, and this man is a small role in the Vatican. I hope you can let him go!" The wind looked at the half-man’s face with a hint of prayer.
"Don’t talk too much about the wind. The people in the Vatican will take part in the siege of Grand City, and I won’t let go of any of them." Du Yun’s cold and gloomy voice came out from his throat and purple light flashed in his hand, and a purple flame ball slowly condensed out.
Just now, I directly asked for the half-life of the light Vatican guard. If I do it again now, then the guard is definitely going to die. I want to stop it. It was not long ago that he was injured in the war with Du Ping. It is really serious that the immortal power of the other body is still condensed.
See Du Yun slowly raised his right hand, a huge purple flame ball bigger than every time, and his palm kept spinning, and it was possible to see these wind forms at any time. He made a determination to slap his chest with one hand and then spit out some pieces of blood with one mouthful.
Since the spurting of these pieces of meat, the wind has felt the body muscles and veins, and then many of them have been attacked, but they have already condensed the immortal power. Seeing him, Kouga clenched his body and quickly condensed the immortal power. "Du Yun, since you are so determined, I will not let you feel better."
See the name of the wind quickly condensed fairy force Du Yun slightly one leng "the name of the wind is going to do to fight with yourself? But now it’s a problem to lift the halberd with his scarred body. How can he fight? " Du Yun doubt international wind name fairy force cohesion is even greater, even his body is swelling up!
At this time, a name suddenly broke into Du Yun’s mind, "Explosive!" The name of the wind is going to blow itself up. "After thinking of this, Du Yun was frightened and quickly flapped his wings and flew to high school!
At this time, the papal headquarters is light, the Pope is firmly seated in the papal seat, and his hands are dark, and his face is full of satisfaction. Since he became pope, the power of the Vatican has become more and more powerful, and his desire has become stronger and stronger, which has become the first-class strength in the mainland, but now he wants to go further!
Just when he was thinking about his great career, a sudden and unpredictable feeling of uneasiness occurred in his heart, which made the Pope squint his eyes!
Those who felt the change of the pope’s character just wanted to comfort them when they heard a hurried step from outside the temple and went straight to the pope’s ear and whispered something, then they saw the pope bang out of the chair and do it. "How is that possible?"
Everyone was surprised when they saw the shocked Pope’s face. They remembered whether the Pope was so shocked or when he received the secret from Du family, he saw that the exchange competition was even more shocking than the second time. "Is it that something bigger happened?"
When everyone was puzzled, the Pope seemed to suddenly remember something and immediately said to the people in the lobby, "Let’s finish the meeting today and discuss it in a few days!"
Wait until the Vatican, the Vatican’s high-level exchange of positions after leaving, and his face suddenly changed, and his body suddenly disappeared in the lobby like a ghost.
"Just feel that ominous feeling is the northernmost position of the family of the nether world. Gran City is really the joint attack place of the Vatican and the family of the nether world. Is there really something wrong there? However, I have already sent the wind shape to Gran City, and the law of protecting the city has been forced. What else can go wrong there? " As far as the Pope is concerned, he has unconsciously reached a temple of the Holy See when he thinks about these issues.
At this time, the temple was in chaos, all kinds of panic and noise, and finally the room was mixed. Chapter five hundred and twenty-seven The army was wiped out.
When the pope swept into the room, he was also troubled by the noisy scene. He shouted, "Be quiet, all of you! What a mess!"
When they saw the sudden appearance of this noisy noise from the Pope, they slowly calmed down. After a while, this was the end of silence.
Seeing that everyone was getting quiet, the Pope snorted heavily and sat in the middle chair. "What did you say just now that Yu Huo and others’ souls were broken?"
Hearing the Pope’s questioning, an old man who was in charge of the Archbishop’s soul jade slips quickly walked to the Pope’s face and trembled. "The four Archbishop’s soul jade slips in red, such as the Pope’s surplus goods, just burst suddenly, and the Archbishop’s soul jade slips in the wind shape became extremely dim. Look at this situation, it is obviously seriously injured!"
After that, the old man handed over the broken jade slips and the dim jade slips with the wind shape to the Pope!
The Pope knows that the jade slips of the soul are related to the human soul, and they will only break when the owner dies. There is absolutely no mistake, but how can the small Grand City have such great power to kill the four powerful gods of the Holy See?
When the Pope was puzzled, an earth-shattering explosion occurred not far from Gran City, and it occurred to me that the jade slips with the last soul in the Pope’s hand were shattered after the blink of an eye!
Pa exchange positions to crush the broken jade pieces. Now five pieces of jade slips are broken, so it means that the master he sent to attack Gran City has been wiped out at this time!
See the last piece of soul jade Jane has collapsed, the Pope is also depressed, and his face is also a violent tremor. These two times, the strong men sent to the ghost family are almost half as strong as the Vatican. This super-large array makes everyone feel confident and the ghost family can’t compete except the royal family, but the ghost family is their Coalition. Of course, it is impossible to deal with them in turn. Now the facts are in front of them, making them feel as if they have been severely slapped and making people feel embarrassed.
As far as everyone was concerned about the pope’s position, they didn’t leave the three knights to come to this temple together and felt the unusual atmosphere in the store. One person asked, "What happened? Why are you all depressed?"
The archbishop in charge of soul jade slips immediately told the story in the man’s ear. After hearing this, the knight commander was more shocked than grabbing the man’s collar. It was unbelievable and asked, "Archbishop Luoyun, what mistakes should these soul jade slips make?"
"How is it possible that I have never made a mistake in managing soul jade slips in the past hundred years? Do not believe me, then a lot of broken soul jade cards appeared in front of everyone, and those who were still skeptical looked very ugly.
"But how is it possible? That’s five gods, the strong king, and the archbishop of the wind shape. He’s the first master of the Pope’s position in the Vatican. He has reached the level where the peak of the god king is impacting the sacred world. Who else can kill the archbishop of the wind shape except Dragon Emperor No.1? "Another knight is at the head of the team and his face is changing with anger.
"Is the family of the nether world United with Grand City?" All of a sudden, a person raises a question, which makes everyone feel surprised, but they feel that they can refute it. From all the signs, this is the most reasonable explanation.
"The family of the nether world dares to betray us and join forces with Gran City to deal with me. The Holy See asks the Pope to order us to lead the master of the Vatican Department to erase the royal family of the nether world and the mainland of Gran City!"
"We absolutely can’t stand the pope’s pursuit of this kind of light! Otherwise, the Vatican will definitely look forward to the expansion of our power in the future, but it is very bad, so we must make them pay the price of blood! Alert those who covet the Vatican forces "next to several archbishops are also followed together!
Pope’s gloomy eyes swept a group of excited archbishops. After a while, the palm of your hand suddenly hit the desktop with a heavy bang, which immediately startled everyone in the room. They looked at Pope’s eyes in horror and couldn’t understand why Pope’s position was so angry.
"A group of archbishops are noisy again! Besides, we still don’t know what to guess at random, "said the Pope angrily."
When they saw the wrath of the king of God, they immediately stopped arguing and sat there without daring to touch anything.
The line of sight once again swept the Pope coldly from those people. He snorted, "Archbishop Luoyun, you should quickly investigate the matter and see what happened in Gran City, and then come back at random and report that I will wait for you here."

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