"Nothing good, but we can’t leave if we go like this again!" Qin Rui stared at Gu Jin sunseeker’s lazy eyes so bright and so focused as if to deeply remember Gu Jin sunseeker to the deepest part of my heart.

Speaking, the python has been chasing after Qin Rui, and its flexible tail is constantly swinging. When Qin Rui still can’t move, it is directly hit by the python’s tail at the waist. The whole person flies out and opens his mouth, and one mouthful blood gushes out. Obviously, the python has not let Qin Rui go, but the blood seems to stimulate it. The snake letter keeps sticking out and stinking, and it is thick and unspeakable.
Gu Jinxi’s left hand clutched the exquisite dagger tightly in the cave, and her legs couldn’t move. Even if she was allowed to escape, she wouldn’t end up dead in a snake belly field, would she die like this? No, she doesn’t want her brain to spin fast. If she struggles, it’s obvious that they are not the python’s opponent who can outsmart her.
However, how can this python kill it when it is menacing? It is said that it is a snake to shoot seven inches, but it can coagulate the snake scales with metallic light at the seven inches of the python. What else can she do?
Suddenly I heard two snake sounds in my ear. Gu Jin Sunseeker turned to see the slender snake crawling towards me. Suddenly I felt my heart in my throat and my left hand was holding the dagger tightly.
But the little snake climbed to Gu Jinxi’s front curiously. She sniffed at Gu Jinxi’s eyes like two soybeans and didn’t mean anything. Gu Jinxi seemed to recognize it through the dim light of the hole. Isn’t this the road ahead that bit the red snake in the late Qing Dynasty?
Gu Jinxi suddenly felt that it was a real fate to be with this little snake. It was a beast. She tried to curl up and said to herself, "Little snake, don’t bite me if I don’t hit you. Let’s get out of here."
But the little snake is as delicate and small as the root didn’t hear her voice, and it will be directly set up around Gu Jin Sunseeker, like her head facing the outside of the hole.
"…" Gu Jin sunseeker suddenly felt the corners of his mouth violently twitching. Is this snake still refined?
Outside the cave, Qin Rui was in full swing with the python, but occasionally at a glance, he could find that Qin Rui had gradually fallen off the wind, and the whole person became more and more overwhelmed. The python was like a cat and mouse, but it was ineffective to kill Qin Rui.
Gu Jinxi thought, Does this python know that the living taste better than the dead?
Even though Qin Rui didn’t have a good impression on the black man’s identity, he didn’t give up on himself at all, just as he had saved himself several times.
Curled with the flexible posture of the python, Gu Jinxi swallowed hard and took out her former self-defense poison from her medicine bag. It was all powerful poison, and a little bit of it would be fatal. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to smear all the poison on the dagger blade.
However, when she didn’t come to move, she kept hovering around the red snake, but her saliva was almost flowing out. She stared at Gu Jinxi’s dagger Gu Jinxi greedily, only to recall that Crimson Lotus’s poisonous food suddenly stopped. "This can’t be eaten for you!"
If you want to spell a python, you can rely on it. Crimson Lotus can hover directly regardless of Gu Jin’s small body. Gu Jin’s snake letter licks the poisonous blade quickly. It looks like eating delicious food. Gu Jin’s crying, but he still can’t do anything. The red snake licks the poisonous blade cleanly. Gu Jin’s eyes stare at Qin Rui. He can’t support it anymore. Gu Jin’s sunseeker also doesn’t care so much. He leans forward and leaps strong and inserts the dagger into the python’s eye.
"Woo hoo-"
The original Liu Qin Rui played with the python and felt the pain. Suddenly, the body violently swung and violently threw Gu Jin Sunseeker out. Qin Rui felt that his heart was hanging in his throat, and he was already tired. He could see Gu Jin Sunseeker, but he did his best to pick up Gu Jin Sunseeker as if he were refreshed again. Then the two of them landed like fallen leaves.
Qin Rui adjusted himself to the ground when he opened his mouth and spit out one mouthful blood. Gu Jinxi was also hit, but he had a narrow squeak. The python was crazy and ran towards them desperately.
"…" Despair and silence at the same time.
Gu Jinxi closed his eyes in despair and waited for the pain to come; It was not until a heavy object landed in my ear that the pain didn’t come as expected. She braced herself and opened her eyes, tearing at the pain in her chest, and the blood kept going out along the corners of her mouth to see the soft-lying python landing. Seeing those eyes as big as two bells that haven’t come yet is different from the previous green light and fierceness. At this moment, it is full of silence and god.
This python is … dead? !
Suddenly, two very slight sounds came to my ear again. Gu Jin Sunseeker looked at the snake crawling out of the python’s nostrils, but he didn’t know what to say. He was so nervous and excited that he relaxed at the moment, and his mouth was so painful that he turned to look at Qin Rui, who was already in a coma, and looked at it. Even after such a big twist, he still wore a jade mask.
In fact, she has been curious about this jade mask more than once. Chapter 186 has finally been discovered.
At first, she would never forget that night. At that time, she followed Aunt Liu to the residential house in the south of the city and made a noise. She almost fell on the firewood pile and was caught. At present, he appeared in front of his face with clear eyes, lazy eyes and evil spirits. In the heavy night, he couldn’t tell the color clearly. The evening breeze blew and the clothes fluttered like a waterfall. It was still a jade mask, still bright and clean, still full of charm and elegance. At that time, she felt that he was simply her own god, and she appeared in front of her when she was most in danger, most worried and afraid.
Then again and again.
Every time he wants to do something and is almost exposed, and the consequences are unimaginable, he will appear in front of him so indifferently for several times. Plus, he was deeply hurt and betrayed in his previous life, and his heart-pounding feeling naturally came to him. He teased him lightly, smiled deeply, and he was evil and charming … All his words, deeds and smiles, even a small look, seemed to be imprinted on his mind.
I don’t know since when.
Seeing him is no longer exciting and expecting, but it is an unforgettable insult and pain again and again. She admits that even if this body is pure, she is not the one who has been without personnel for a long time. Some things can’t go back, but she can’t accept his insults and accusations. After repeated injuries, she chose to hide her heart in the deepest place and tried to tell herself that she forgot to forget that he was good to herself, and that she forgot those pains that went deep into the bone marrow every time she remembered it.
But what? What, he has to appear in his life?
The physical injury is as painful as tearing. This trip to Danqing Mountain can be described as scarred right arm and left leg. Even she doesn’t know when it will heal, but the physical injury is far less than her own heart. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, slide your throat hard, swallow your saliva hard, and set your eyes on the man beside you who is unconscious. He is already stained with scarlet blood.
"Cough cough!" Gu Jin Sunseeker held her chest and coughed hard. The chest wound turned out to be a tearing pain, even it was extremely difficult to breathe. She opened her mouth and suddenly injected blood. Her clothes were already wrapped in dust and mud, and the blood was filthy.
Small and elegant Crimson Lotus looked at the black bean-like fundus, but it seemed to be alive and quickly crossed with a worry. The slender snake letter spit it out and made a slight soft sound "hiss-"
Gu Jinxi’s face is as white as paper, but his cheeks are red with abnormal flush. His eyes are red with warmth and satisfaction. I don’t know why all my fears seem to have vanished. "Do you think I should take off this mask and have a look?"
"hiss!" The body of the Chilian snake is constantly twisted, sometimes to the left and sometimes to the right, like an ignorant child playing.
"…" Gu Jinxi’s brain is groggy at the moment, and his mouth is slightly hooked with a little self-deprecation and a little meaningful voice. "What’s wrong with me? Hehe!" Is she sad enough to communicate with these wild animals Turned to look at the man who was dressed in black and torn, and he was very hesitant to look at it or not.
It may be out of your power to treat such a man while he is in danger. She really wants to know what the mask is like, and what he has done to himself … What else has he insulted her like that? She is desperate to know that this place is likely to be buried in the belly of a snake. If it is not the last red snake, even if they have already become the belly of that python.
In the end, curiosity prevailed in her heart. Her thin lips sipped scarlet from the corners of her mouth and kept flowing out, but she was still slender, fair and white, but with many scratches and red marks, her hand reached toward the jade mask.
Two meters … one meter …

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