"Is there anything unusual before this?" Yang night ask again

"Abnormal didn’t," said the servant, carefully listening to the noise outside with his ears upright. "If it is abnormal, Zhang Jiagong’s friends with me were called away by the gentleman two days ago, saying that they went out to help him but never came back …"
Yang Ye nodded and thought that maybe Lan Yao was right, maybe the domain owner suspected it was reasonable. This evil energy Weiner was not just aimed at me, nor was it just to destroy this order. He seemed to cultivate a large number of blood seeds. Maybe there were problems behind all this.
Thinking about Yang night, I slowly got up and said in a low voice, "I brought people here, so you can hide here, don’t go out and don’t make a sound. Wait for us to solve all those ghosts outside and come back to rescue you!" Never go out! "
The maids were nervous and whispered, "Be careful, Master Yang!" "If I am rescued, I am willing to wait on Master Yang for a lifetime to repay my life!" "Young Master, those demons outside are so terrible that you must not have anything!" "Master Yang, I love you!" ……
A maid shouted out the last sentence, which attracted her maid to stare at the angry eyes at the same time. The maid also hurriedly bowed her head and muttered, "Tell the truth … Do people really mean it …"
Yang Ye straightened up and smiled. "Don’t worry, I will come back to save you." She said with a fierce expression. "I will let the person who caused all these consequences blood out!"
The faint old housekeeper just woke up and looked up through the window and saw a person in front of her with a fierce and ferocious expression in the dark. She did not hesitate to lean back and fainted again.
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A few nights later, Fang Yang found some lucky ones who didn’t become evil, and comforted them one by one. They also got the same message from them. Everything was calm during the day but changed after dinner. It seems that evil energy Weiner tampered with the dinner, and those male servants who were called out by the Zhang family gentleman and never came back were the first batch of mutated blood.
Is to let Yang night feel strange. I have searched for several rooms, but I haven’t found Zhang Wenyu’s figure. I haven’t even seen Zhang Tianshou.
At this time, Yang Night has come to the heaven-given door where he has been. The front door is also tightly closed. Yang Night waved two hidden blades and hacked to death. He jumped around the door and then kicked the door and went in.
The room was as dark as ever, but there was no trace of destruction. All the shelves, tables, chairs, sofas, furnishings and decorations of Yang Ye looked as good as when he came here.
Is to let Yang night into the room one leng is the room on the left side of the big table behind the leather chair sitting a person.
The man sitting there is Zhang Tianshou.
Yang night dazed a brisk walk in front of Zhang Tianshen surprised him-pale eyes and lost too much weight. His cheekbones were high and bare outside, and his head, hands and feet were all skin and bones. He looked very weak.
"Zhang … Zhang Bobo you …" Yang night hesitated to bypass the table to Zhang Tianshou but didn’t know what to ask.
Zhang Tianshou straight with your eyes open slowly turned to look at the Yang night tone weak surprised "who! Who is it! "
"It’s me, Yang Yeyang’s gentleman." Yang Yeqing answered that he had the conversation with his father. Yang Yeqing’s impression of Zhang Tianshou changed a lot. At this time, Zhang Tianshou was completely hostile to this state.
Zhang Tianshou’s eyes slightly flashed a trace of regent’s color, and he looked at the person in front of him in the dark. When he saw that it was really Yang night, he couldn’t help but ask hoarsely, "Yang night, you really came! You really came! What … What brings you here? Go, go, go, run for your life … "
Yang night simply Zhang Tianshou squatted down and looked up at him and said, "I can’t go, Zhang Bobo. I’m here to solve things here." Said Zhang Tianshou, who stretched out his hand and pressed his leg, and asked, "Zhang Bobo, how did this happen? Who did all this? "
Yang night is a little mean, but he really wants to find out whether Zhang Tianshou knows these things. After all, from the present situation, Zhang Tianshou has also become a victim.
"You’re really here, Yang Ye, you’re really here …" Zhang Tianshou said and suddenly held out his hand. "You’d better go. Now it’s hell here. I caused it!" Zhang Tianshou zheng big eyes nasty to Yang night high volume.
"Uncle Zhang, I’m here to save you and the Zhang family. Tell me what’s going on!" Yang Ye asked in a low voice
Zhang Tianshou took a look at Yang Night and slowly closed his eyes and lifted up his head with a painful sigh and said, "It’s my fault! It’s all my fault! I killed my son and I killed the Zhang family! "
Yang night one leng it seems that Zhang Tianshou knows something and quickly asks "Zhang Bobo, you have to believe me! ! Tell me what’s going on or the Zhang family will be finished! "
Zhang Tianshou didn’t open his eyes and continued to sigh and said slowly, "The Zhang family is finished …"
Chapter one hundred and fifteen "Hidden blade red refined kill! 』
Yang Ye hesitated, knowing that Zhang Tianshou was immersed in pain, he got up slightly and put his arm on the arm of the leather chair and asked, "Where is Mr. Zhang Bobo’s gentleman Zhang Wenyu?"
"no! There is no Zhang Wenyu! " Zhang Tianshou accidentally stare big eyes nasty shouted "my son Zhang Wenyu is dead! He must be dead! That man is not Zhang Wenyu! Definitely not Zhang Wenyu! "
Yang night narrowed his eyes and wondered about Zhang Tianshou’s words. I don’t know what he knows. He put his hand on the leather chair armrest and turned Zhang Tianshou to his side. "Uncle Zhang, since you already know, I won’t tell you the truth. I also learned that Zhang Wenyu has become a little strange recently. My father said that he and you have been good friends for a generation. The Zhang family can’t ignore something."
Hearing this, Zhang Tianshou was surprised and then looked pale, frowning and skimming the pie mouth. "I’m to blame, I’m to blame!" Yang Zhenkui’s old thing didn’t forget me until he died, but I … "He slowly bowed his head and pulled up Yang Ye’s hand to longly say," Yang Ye! Uncle Zhang, I’m not a human being. I fought with your father for a generation and I didn’t win him once. I always wanted to win your father once to get this tone back. I didn’t expect it to be the most regrettable thing in my life! "
Yang night didn’t speak and listened carefully to Zhang Tianshou’s story, but his eyes swept to the door of the room and he saw a figure. In the dark, Lan Yao cut his eyes. Yang night met each other and nodded quietly. They all got the message. Lan Yao cut no longer kept outside the door.
"It’s all my damn brother. It’s all damn Zhang Tian! It’s all him … "Zhang Tianshou took Yang night and sighed." I’m really possessed … "
Zhang Tianshou said a lot on and off, but Yang night has been listening quietly.
Zhang Tianshou said that he was instigated by his younger brother to practice some witchcraft a few years ago. They all gave Yang Zhenkui a Mawei before he died, but Zhang Tianshou said bitterly that that thing could not be touched, because Zhang Tian’s practice of that kind of thing became very strange and more and more cruel, and he gave his wife away, that is, Yang Zhen’s father Yang Ye.
Zhang Tianshou and Zhang Tian practiced this thing together, which made Zhang Tian feel more and more uncomfortable. He always felt that someone was talking in his head, and Zhang Tian asked Zhang Tianshou to invest a lot of money to build another house on an island, saying that it was convenient for them to practice. He also said that there was a kind of ore on that island called Jialan ore, which was as energetic as Yang’s family’s gold ore. Later, Zhang Tianshou felt that Zhang Tian didn’t seem to be Zhang Tian. He seemed to be occupied by another person and controlled by his body to do these things, and he was doing more and more things involuntarily. Zhang Tianshou was afraid of the frequency of that sound in
It was at this time that Zhang Tian suddenly died and didn’t check out the cause. Zhang Tianshou naturally suspected witchcraft, so he hid the White Sea Evil left by Zhang Tian from people.

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