Hua Fei’s eyebrows jumped and her face became livid.

Phoenix shallow left the pie mouth words to say-this is another stupid woman like the sunrise princess hopeless.
Need chicken shallow say more what all the people were immediately white hair.
Some people think of the day when Feng Shao really fell down and took the seat of Princess Sunrise, but at that time, Princess Shao didn’t accuse Hua Fei of tripping over her, but she took the lead in apologizing that she accidentally stepped on her.
Now it seems that things are not that simple?
Last night, the activity of robbing the building on the 5888th floor was over, and the friend 17796677 was reading it. Has the Q coin been paid? Chapter 6 directly played kidnapping this time?
The face can not help but become a little subtle.
It seems that this shallow princess is not an idiot. She knew that she was in a low position and didn’t dare to provoke the tall princess. Now it is because of her equal status and the emperor’s favor that she tells the truth.
But it’s no wonder that the shallow princess who let Hua Fei cut her own throat and say what nonsense to keep her birthday together?
The queen mother’s eyes were cold before she had a good impression on Huafei.
Idiot! Feng Shao hasn’t said anything yet, so she exposed herself!
"What do you mean by shallow princess? On that day, Hua Fei tripped you up and you fell down?"
"The queen’s concubines didn’t say that!" Phoenix shallow blinked his watery eyes and a face of koo.
"Male and female servants want to say that on that day, male and female servants accidentally stepped on Hua Fei’s foot, and Hua Fei misunderstood that male and female servants were intentional, so their tone was not very good. Therefore, male and female servants have always hated male and female servants."
Everyone was dumbfounded.
Feng Shao’s so-called "grievance" means that in that day, Hua Fei tripped her up more than just now, and even Hua Fei herself leaked her bottom, which makes no difference without being pressed. But I didn’t expect Feng Shao to give everyone a big "surprise" at this time.
Should I say that this phoenix is too cunning or that Huafei is too stupid?
Huafei was so angry that she hardly vomited blood.
The vicious woman’s eyes and tone were just pretending to be potential, which was to deliberately guide herself to think of bad things step by step. It happened that when the queen mother asked, she didn’t tell the truth, as if everything was accidentally revealed by herself and she was not willing to gossip at all!
Damn it!
It seems that I really underestimated her in the past!
The queen mother’s eyes are getting darker and darker.
"The original shallow princess said it was this." The queen mother smiled. "It’s not a big deal. Huafei is not a stingy person. I think you worry too much."
"It’s white male and female servants, and it’s petty." Phoenix shallow pretends to be obedient and clever.
This seems to be an episode, but it is not right.
Because this queen mother is not good, she can’t talk to Phoenix again about "keeping watch with Huafei"
Until the concubines excused themselves, the queen mother was still depressed until she recovered.
They excused the queen mother lightly with the wave to let flow if and flow sunseeker send the ladies out.
Out of the Fengming Palace, the Queen finally breathed a sigh of relief.
Fortunately, fortunately, this shallow princess didn’t make any moths, otherwise the emperor would blame her and she didn’t know what to do.
Fengyan walked back to Fengyang Palace Road alone, and the green slate was cold and hard. Only the sound of cold wind hunting was quiet and noisy.
Phoenix shallow feel a little cold can’t help but make a cold shiver.
The further you go, the more you feel that something is wrong around here.
She frowned and suddenly hugged her arms to speed up her pace, and then she was gradually trotting.
Grandma didn’t see anyone when she clicked the button!
After two steps, the figure she imagined did appear, but it was not the kind she welcomed.
Looking at the four or five masked guys in black before, Feng shallow eyelids jumped wildly.
Back to the ecstasy, this time directly play kidnapping 7 Chapter 7 Their real purpose may not be kidnapping.
Phoenix’s shallow eyes turned a few times, and suddenly the men in black turned around before they could react, so they ran away and didn’t even look back at them.
Find someone and many places … Find someone and many places …
Phoenix shallow constantly comfort yourself nothing nothing to see the figure she will be safe …
However, the roads around were blocked, and she chose the escape route according to her own ideas. Besides, she was not familiar with the palace, which made it more difficult for her to escape.
Running and running, the chicken bun is loose and messy, and the hairpin is too heavy for her to pull.
I wanted to throw them away, but just as they were about to leave the palm of my hand, Feng Shao suddenly clenched his palm again for some reason, so that they were not really discarded.
After all, it was the man’s mind.

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