Su Ling seems to have suddenly thought of something. This little face is like a red and a white face, and her eyes staring at the back of the head of Huang Yin’s dust sometimes flash through horror and sometimes appear unbelievable. Before she finally calmed down, her heart beat more and more violently.

This is the first time that she has classified Huang Yinchen into the ranks of Italian people!
When did this happen? Who will tell her about …
Here Su Ling suddenly learned that she was in shock about the idea of burning three-dimensional dust. On the occasion, You Xi and You Qing had both left the cloud platform. At the same time, when Su Ling became speechless, Huang Yin Li also sat opposite her one step ahead. She and Xiao Yu Xue were across the table!
"What are you thinking?" Su Ling only took a deep breath during the period when there was no shortage of inquiries in her ear. She looked at Shinohara Snow with some forced smiles on her cheeks and soon felt that something was wrong with the table.
And Su Ling’s idea has just become a small four-year-old girl, and she shouted, "Big brother, you can! The princess of Qingguo was shown to you when she first arrived, so I would have another emperor’s wife if I were a horse, wouldn’t I? "
Su Ling smell frowned Shinohara snow was stiff again.
In the face of Xiao Si’s obvious banter, it was unexpected that Huang Yin’s elegant cheeks didn’t fluctuate even without a denial. He quietly took a sip of the white jade cup on the table and then suddenly said, "Xiao Si is not a guest!" At this time, it depends on the meaning of the palace master! "
Look at your sister!
This is Su Ling roaring in her heart!
For a moment, she couldn’t help but know that the distance from the first round table is very close, and it is clear that Bai Youxi and You Qing are slowly walking towards them. The sound is not too big. She asked, "Then listen to your brother’s meaning. Maybe you have been infatuated with big princess for a long time, or this marriage initiative is not in our hands?"
Although she knows that talking like this will definitely offend people and is likely to be criticized, she can’t stand it! Damn it, I can’t stand it!
She watched Shinohara Snow with a crying face, but she still had to face these people to make a fool of themselves! Why? And what qualifications does he have to burn Yin Li?
Who said that the first person in love is destined to hurt the most!
But before this, do you want to add that the other party must be worthy of investment! But now it seems to her that Huang Yin-li-gen is not worth fighting for love rat’s protection.
From the first day she met Shinohara, she knew that it would be a piece of cake to find a man who cares for her wholeheartedly with her identity, appearance, knowledge and personality!
Huang Yin-li, you have eyes! Go away!
When Su Ling Xiao Xue was keen and outspoken, You Xi and You Qing just walked to the table where they were seated, and the first round table, Huang Yi and Xia Fei Luo, also heard Su Ling’s words, and several people changed their faces at the same time!
Su Ling said that the country said things, so it is not just the private love of Qi Chu Tai and Qing Princess!
Thanks to the sunrise table eyes burn three-dimensional glass in the eye for a moment and then hanging eyes gently turn holy snow white attire fluttering eyes with watery voice clear and sweet way "I don’t know who this is …"
"Su Ling!"
Su Ling’s so-called eye-lifting tone against Woo-suk’s sunrise did not show any panic, and at the same time she directly reported her name.
In an instant, the lips of Sunrise Ling seemed to wriggle, but someone grabbed it first!
"Su Ling, I haven’t seen you for a few days, and your mouth is getting worse!" You Qing’s poisonous tongue Su Ling has long been learned, but now on this occasion, you Qing said this, which made her feel a little surprised and very awkward!
What is mouth kung fu? !
Can you stop being so subtle when you talk, bitch? How misleading!
You Qing’s words fell on you and the sunrise looked askance, but at the same time, Huang Yin’s dust-end chair smelled inch by inch lifting his eyelids and squinting at you Qing’s attitude, while he was deep, steady and sophisticated. "Don’t talk nonsense! It’s good that Princess Dust is a fluent talker. You need to talk more! Why don’t you have a good discussion with your sister when you are free? "
Su Ling "…"
Burn old three, you * and a beggar man!
She’s pure, okay? What is a good talker? !
Su Ling, don’t you really understand? (Sunset Rainforest, get out! )
With the voice of Huang Yin dust falling to the ground, you Qing’s eyes suddenly darkened, and Su Ling and Huang Yin dust shuttled back and forth as if they wanted to see what happened!

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