Mu Wanting went back to Mu’s home to meet everyone and went back to the backyard to see her mother Cao Shi.

"Mom, are you better?" MuWanting inquire after sitting next to Cao Shi way
"I just want to meet you. Why are you here today?" Cao Shi loving half hug MuWanting way
"I came to the temple to ask me to greet you when I entered the palace today." Mu Wanting casually talked about the palace.
"You have to be sober. I’ll give you a side princess in the palace. You’re ashamed, too. Don’t suppress it. Although the Su family is a small official daughter, now that she is a side princess, she will be tactful. Don’t call the temple you identify." Cao Shi said.
"I know, I didn’t take her seriously. My mother didn’t know that Su’s looks are very good, but it’s just beautiful and charming." Mu Wanting didn’t mind much.
"Yeah, but there’s one thing you can’t ask her to have children before you," Cao Shi worried.
"Speaking of this, I’m worried that I didn’t give the liquid medicine when I came to the temple on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month … Mother, find me a good doctor quickly." Mu Wanting said.
"I’ll show you that’s a good doctor. I said you’re okay. It’s also a matter of time for this woman to get pregnant," Cao Shi comforted.
"But I’ve been in the door for more than two years. I still don’t have children. It’s just that Su’s family didn’t rely on her except for the grace of the temple. But if Wan had children in my previous life … the royal family didn’t say that a wife couldn’t have a concubine."
It’s just a concubine. She’s in a low position and won’t be born for the time being, but the side princesses are pregnant before the princess. If Wan Shi comes out, that’s not good.
"Ah, but it’s also urgent, or … you can withdraw your concubines and avoid soup. No matter who Mr. adopts you here, you will have children of your own in the future." Cao Shi’s life, although the Cao family is also everyone, she is not in the hall, but there is an office girl in this room who is ugly. Fortunately, her daughter has lived up to expectations and married into the royal family. In recent years, she has become a car-scrapping.
"Dad doesn’t care about me …" Mu Wanting said sullenly.
"Your dad you don’t know? Ah ….. it’s hard to pity my son. "Cao Shi didn’t want to talk about his own husband, didn’t she know? That’s a shame. The royalists are afraid to take refuge in the Three Halls.
It’s a pity that she is able to seek harmony between the three halls and the nine halls.
"Your fourth uncle and second daughter will even give it to the Three Halls when they return to the draft." Cao Shi worried to wake her up.
Mu Wanting sure enough, Zheng Sandian’s side princess has a position, and the fourth uncle’s second daughter is also out of the office. She can’t sit too low, but the side princess in my room can be
"Grandpa is going to leave me?" Muwanting some sad way
"Your grandfather’s sex has always been like this. It is good for his daughter to get married and earn more benefits for the family. Which girl did he love dearly …" Cao Shi resented.
Mu Wanting’s words can be said. Mu’s daughters have no chance to talk about love. They are all family marriage flags to see who can earn more. But she has been married for more than two years but has no heirs. She is still the first daughter …
"Even … I also want to have a concubine room here …" MuWanting sarcastically smiled 14 Chapter 14 conferring ceremony.
Cao Shi gave her a surprised look but didn’t refute it.
"Is wan yi or wan miao? Or is it gentle? " These are her father’s three concubines
"I still don’t know who is who. It’s also a session. In recent years, you should pay close attention to the fact that you can’t get pregnant and have a child on your knees. The mother won’t look at you without relying on the desire of the family." Cao Shi said.
"Cheer up, and it doesn’t matter which step you take in the Houdian. You are already your first wife, so you won’t change and pin down Wan’s own hello day. Even after that, you will arrange which little bitch to enter the house and ask them to be your child when the time comes." Cao Shi Yong’s face was distorted by a malicious crime.
Mu Wanting couldn’t help but make a sudden mistake. Although her mother has inherited several aunts, they have all been killed for many years. Aren’t those children called mothers the same? Is there only one aunt who has a son or a mother to marry a girl? His aunts are just daughters or daughters.
Mu Wanting is not decadent because of this.
Back to the office a few days is Su Mian conferring ceremony.
This day, the Jiuhuang Mansion is very lively, and all the imperial families in Beijing should come.
The palace sent another reward from the Queen Mother, and no one did anything anymore. Su Mian wore a small white coat embroidered with branches bound peony, a pink skirt embroidered with water clouds and a light pink treasure ruyi belt embroidered with the same peony purse.
See her slender waist is not full, walking like a flower swaying.
The snake bun powder colored glass Zhu Chai sparkles with light pearls, and the pearls of the South China Sea are strung in beads around her. Her long black hair is not set off by jewels, but it seems that all the jewelry has embellished her beauty.
Her eyebrows lightly sweep rouge, and the lip is light pink rouge, which sets off the pink jade earrings in her ears. Everything is just right, but Princess Zhen Shu is much more gorgeous than her protagonist.
But she is like a flower, and no one can ignore her there.
Everyone can’t help but nod. No wonder she became a side princess so quickly. It’s also important to save the temple or serve the sick and meritorious. Sometimes what is birth? Isn’t Queen Li from a bad family in the palace? Look at your own blessings!
Kneeling down to accept the imperial edict, he attended the banquet.
In the backyard, there are the princess Mu Wanting and the side princess Su Mian who are qualified to entertain guests, but today is a good day for Su Mian, and there is only one Zhen Shu princess to help.
Princess Zhen Shu is wearing pale pinkish purple’s topless skirt today, but she is also a beauty. It is difficult to leave a solemn impression on people.
After the gong, everyone was tired, and it was also a matter of strength to raise the lights.
The ladies all went to the theatre, except the master, whose highest status today is naturally a few ladies in the family of the minister of the DPRK.
Su mian’s toast is neither flattering nor flattering, of course, nor arrogant, but it has won a lot of praise.
When Mu Wanting’s mother Cao Shi arrived, Su Mian still smiled and said, "Please ask your wife to drink."
Cao Shi saw this woman from a distance before she changed her clothes. Now she is a pearl white coat with a light pink skirt, which makes her more beautiful. She is still young and wearing silver, red, orange and red, but she is smart and will dress up.
"Today is a good day for the side princess. I have a gift for the side princess alone. I hope the side princess will not abandon it."
The gift has naturally arrived long ago, so this is an extra? It’s probably a gesture of kindness
"Dare not accept the lady’s gift" Su Mian said with a smile.
Cao Shi is smiling and asking someone to bring a red lacquer tray to cover the red cloth, which is a beautiful ebony box. Is it a Zhu Chai or something?
Gai proved to be a Zhu Chairao. I have seen many good things and they can’t help sighing.
"This is a good jade."

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