[33] 【 Closed Mountain Range 】

Xingyuan Empire is located in the east of Yuanqi Mainland, but Yuanmo Mountain is at the southern end of the mainland. Xingyuan Empire and Leyuan Empire are located in the west of Xingyuan Empire, facing the sea.
Xingyuan City is located along the west of Xingyuan Empire. Although there is still a long distance from Yuanmo Mountain, the distance is not too far for practitioners.
At this time, Lengling, a beautiful lake in the western suburbs of Xingyuan City, sat alone on the grass and stared at the still calm lake in front, which was a bit stupid.
However, at this time, a strong energy breath floated in the southwest and attracted her attention. Looking up, Lengling’s face suddenly showed a touch of surprise and she couldn’t help but mutter, "Is it what happened over there in Yuanmo Mountain?"
Hesitated for a while, Lengling took another look at the lake, then whispered for a while, then moved silently to exert his vitality, and then he looked down the southwest with his eyes floating in the sky.
She is now the peak state of Yuan soul. Although she doesn’t have the state of mind and skill of Yuan mind, her eyes have reached a very sharp point. At first glance, this eye froze.
In the distance, four figures in a mountain range are scattered into a circle and circled around Fangshan Mountain, and all these four figures are another extremely strong energy light shining into the sky.
At the same time, the four energy lights in the sky also form a circle, and an energy aperture looms at the end of these four lights to connect the four energies in series.
There is an energy spot hidden in the center of this aperture. The light spot is getting brighter and brighter, and there is a faint feeling of falling. At this moment, the four people in the mountain side also release strong light around their bodies, wrapping them in the light.
"Hey Grandpa, how did they get there?" Leng Lingrui’s eyes instantly saw that one of the four identities was her grandfather Lengyuan, and the other three were obviously the mysterious old man who was inflamed with fire and leaves.
Seeing this scene, Lengling’s face suddenly showed a trace of indecision. There is nothing strange about the four of them together, but at the moment, the four of them not only get together, but also jointly arrange the law. This is strange. Is there anything in this vigorous mainland that needs the four of them to jointly deal with?
Although shocked at this time, Lengling dared not leave here to find out what happened because he didn’t know that Ye Hanyan Xin, who was at the bottom of the lake at the moment, would not let them have an accident, and she could also look at each other from afar here.
At this time, the beasts in the Yuan Magic Mountain are in chaos. They have come here to live well and have never encountered any big movements. It has been a hundred years, but I didn’t expect that such a big movement suddenly happened today.
Previously, four old men appeared in this mountain cliff, and their hesitation was hidden deep. No Yuan beast noticed them, but now they have lost all cover because of the arrangement of the array. Besides, the movement during this disposal is too big, which will disturb the Yuan beast in the mountain.
But at this moment, they have all fallen into the four old men’s arrangement, and Ji has lost hope of escape, so although they are in a mess, no one beast can escape.
At this time, a blue shadow suddenly flashed in the mountains and rushed to the four elders to decorate the enchantment. Because of the method of rushing to this enchantment, they could stay at the side of the enchantment department and glared at the four elders.
When the fire saw it, a cold hum immediately rushed to the Yuan beast and waved a palm, which forced the Yuan beast to Xu Yuan abruptly. This just sneered, "You’d better stay in this enchantment for a while, and when the time is right, you can naturally break the enchantment here!"
It’s not easy for Yuan beast to be forced, but it didn’t escape. Instead, it suddenly came to where it was just now and roared at the fire. "Why do you four old people want to have a hard time with our Yuan beast family?"
"Yo ho! You don’t want to give you face? In that case, don’t blame the old lady. I’m welcome! " Inflammatory fire is grumpy, so it’s inevitable to be scolded like this. At that time, internal heat will be generated and directed at the Yuan beast, with a snort of cold, and then a palm will be blasted at the array.
It’s a shame to say it to your face in someone’s seal. What if you don’t? Isn’t that killing people instead of killing animals? Yuan beast at this time, although feel humiliated, but it is also very nai. Who let yourself repair?
Law has not yet been successfully arranged, so the real energy can still pass through the fire. This palm is angry and powerful, so it is extraordinary. Where does this palm go to Yuan beast, where can it withstand the instability of its body immediately, it quickly falls at Fang.
"Brother Yan, this beast is right. We shouldn’t step in to seal them. We have to do this now. Don’t hurt Gu any more!" Mysterious old man looked at busy at inflammatory fire exhortation way
Inflammation fire smell speech immediately is a cold hum and then nai nodded, "in that case, we will quickly decorate the law and save the yuan beast pestering here."
Since the former Yuan beast has been able to speak, it proves that he is seven orders less. Generally speaking, there are five orders of spiritual wisdom behind the fourth order of ordinary Yuan beasts, and six orders of spiritual wisdom can make people communicate with each other by words at the seventh order.
Now that this yuan beast can talk, it has less seven orders. For human cultivation, it is the realm cultivation of yuan body. This kind of cultivation is rare in human beings, which shows how powerful this yuan beast is.
However, the fact is so cruel. Although this seventh-order animal kingdom is a leader, the four old men can bravely break the beating and resist the power.
Naturally, this is the same as Yuan beast’s practice. Generally, Yuan beast didn’t adapt to the practice method. When they practiced, they could absorb the vitality of heaven and earth as much as possible, so the practice was high, but the attack power was greatly reduced.
However, these yuan beasts are cultivated naturally by virtue of their vitality. This kind of cultivation is a natural thing practitioner, and it is the purest and natural.
Half the attack power of the Yuan beast may be greatly reduced, but they are superior to nature. Generally speaking, even if they kill people in the same field, they will not be easily killed by others. The difference between the two is actually not very big.
In this way, the seven-order yuan beast was photographed by an old man. Although it was uncomfortable, it wisely chose to leave the fact that it had no choice but to please the four old men.
Seeing the Yuan beast despondently leave the fire, this is when you listen to the advice of the mysterious old man and continue to decorate the array. Although the array is about to take shape, it is also the most important moment to be careless.
Inflammation and fire converged, and anger returned to the theme, and the mind also moved back to the arrangement of the law. In the operation of the law, the remaining three people were also angry and returned to the law more quickly.
See four people together to release two strands of blue cold vitality in their own vitality, which was sent by Lengyuan Yetian. Blue vitality left their bodies and rushed into the array arranged in half and merged together in the instant array method.
The mysterious old man with burning fire didn’t dare to play with two equally powerful yellow vitality when he saw it, so he poured out of their two bodies with a hot breath and merged into the law in the same way.
After all this, the four people also admitted their vitality, and the energy aperture in the sky suddenly disappeared, and the sky returned to normal, and the energy breath around the four of them also dissipated appropriately.
From this field, it suddenly returned to normal, as if nothing had changed. It was necessary to repair enough people, and perhaps they could see the abnormality. At this time, this magic mountain range has formed a powerful vitality barrier.
This enchantment is mainly banned, so it is also known as the seal. Now, the four elders have arranged this kind of law by their own repair, and the severity can be imagined. Even the seven-order yuan beast has always broken through the low-level yuan beast, which is even more impossible.
The four elders also cleaned up, and then they quietly left and disappeared from the sky in an instant, so apart from the forbidden enchantment field, they really recovered.
At this time, the Yuan beast in the law is a little scared, sometimes some Yuan beasts fight against each other, and sometimes some Yuan beasts follow the example of the former Seven-order Yuan beast, ready to break through the seal and escape from here.
However, everything was in vain. As the four elders thought, even the first and seventh order beasts threatened an unformed array. Now they are facing each other in the same order, but it is an already formed array. The result can be imagined.
Since all struggles are unnecessary, it will soon be the struggle again. All the Yuan beasts stopped fighting and slowly returned to normal. Everything in the Yuan Magic Mountain returned to normal except that seal, as if nothing had happened.
Is it true that nothing happened? It’s hard to say, but I don’t know how big the four old men, the opposite of this seal, have been banned. This kind of blow is bound to become their revenge in the future ~
【 333 】【 Ignore the point 】
The lake outside Xingyuan City is still calm, and the waves on the lake are still shining, which is a bit eye-catching. At this time, there is a beautiful figure on the lake besides the reflected light of sunlight, and this figure is Lengling.
Lengling witnessed everything in the Yuan magic mountain range, and naturally knew his grandfather. They just arranged the forbidden enchantment, but the real purpose was already clear at a glance. Obviously, the forbidden mountain range may haunt the Yuan beast at any time.
Seeing the cold ling here, I feel more and more nervous. I am responsible for my four life stars. It is getting heavier and heavier when she thinks of her sad departure. Leaves are soft and can’t help but shake her head with a wry smile.
"alas!" Sighing a cold ling, he jumped back to the lakeside grass and continued to look at the calm lake ahead. Occasionally, he looked up at the sky to find the fate star and tried to find some information about Ye Han’s situation from the fate star.
At this time, there was a trace of movement on the lake, and the cold ling suddenly looked at her face. Even if there was a happy color, she would happily float and sweep towards the lake without thinking.
As soon as he felt the movement of the lake and turned to look, he saw Ye Han’s figure appear on the lake, and Yan Xin’s blushing face beside him was not unexpected.

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