Finally, all the people went straight to the border town of Qingxiao.

Although there are dense forests around Qingxiao foreign countries, the defense of border cities is still very strict and there is no slack, which shows that the system of Qingxiao country is very strict
Phoenix leaves the night and leads a crowd all the way to the capital.
Lu Su-wan didn’t forget to ask Feng Li-ye, "Who is uncle Han Wang and Su Wang? How dare he be difficult?"
Feng Li’s eyes were dark at night and said, "They are both father and brother. Because they have always been very quiet, there is no too much difficulty. They didn’t expect that this time they dared to do such bold things. Is it really lonely and too longitudinal? This rejection won’t longitudinal them any longer?"
Phoenix leaves the night with a cold face. If these people really dare to drive sister out of the cold pool, then he will surely cut them to pieces.
Chicken from the night hate hate hair malicious no longer say anything-all the people rushed straight to the blue clouds outside the imperial city ice jade cold pool.
Qingxiao country is not a big country, and there are not many 21 cities. Moreover, Phoenix took a shortcut to Huangcheng Road from night without any delay. After three days’ journey, it finally arrived at the royal forbidden area outside the Imperial City.
Ice jade cold pool and flaming cliff are in this forbidden area.
There are many soldiers guarding the forbidden area. Except the royal people, it is forbidden to enter or leave this place. If caught, they will be put to death.
There are few people in this place at this time, but it is particularly lively today.
Even at the foot of the mountain, there are many people. These people are the cold king and Su Wang Bing. At this time, these guys are scolding the soldiers who guard the forbidden area.
When both of them have a big disagreement, they will fight until someone shouts "Taidian is back"
King Han and King Su brought their hands, especially who they don’t believe in fooling? Their sovereign got the news and went to the western Chu State. Even if they got the news, they couldn’t get back.
"Who are you kidding? Who doesn’t know that Taidian has gone to Qingxiao country?"
"Yes, don’t. Will we be afraid of you when you come back too soon?"
As soon as these people’s words fell, they heard an icy sound behind them. "I didn’t expect someone to be afraid of loneliness after walking alone for two months."
As soon as Feng left midnight, his whip flew out like a dragon, hitting the abusive soldier with a whip. The speaker Bofeng shook his head from midnight and landed directly. The man’s eyes were still wide open and he died unsatisfied.
Compared with these people, other soldiers who are responsible for guarding the royal forbidden area quickly kneel down to "belong to the Taidian"
"Kill all these scum and leave none."
Phoenix leaves the night and hits the horse and rushes to the mountain.
The horse followed him all the way up the hill.
And the soldier in charge of guarding the forbidden area got the order to leave the night. He was crazy as early as he went straight to the foot of the mountain. Wang Su’s hand was so stunned that he came back to the temple. He actually came back.
The name of the phoenix leaving the night has always been very shocking. This time, Wang Hanwang and Su Wangwang came to Beijing to make trouble because of his lack of youth. Because the ice jade cold pool and the flaming cliff have been dominated by the phoenix leaving the night for more than ten years, they have no chance to enjoy it, especially when they are sick, they can’t get into the ice jade cold pool bubble.
So the second king thinks that the phoenix leaves the night too much to look down on them. Now take advantage of him. No, they just took the opportunity to attack so that their brother could know that they still have these brothers.
Wang Fengxiao, who is really cold, also has a selfish desire to take advantage of the phoenix to leave the night and seize the phoenix from the night.
Away from the night
They want the emperor to give up the ice and jade pool, which is just a guide. If the emperor tries to suppress them, they just take the opportunity to start an uprising, which is justified anyway.
When the time comes, even if Phoenix leaves the night, he will have already taken the throne. If Phoenix leaves the night and dares to touch him, it will be a rogue and thief. He can completely make the soldiers of Qingxiao country remove him.
It’s good for Wang Fengxiao to use abacus, but he never expected that Feng would come back before leaving the night.
The emperor, queen and others by the ice, jade and cold pool are glaring at Wang Fengxiao and Su Wang Fengkang opposite.
There are dark soldiers behind the two gangs. If they start their hands, they are afraid of casualties.
The emperor and queen have a heart of pity for the people, because the soldiers behind them are all children of the people, and the population of the Chinese people is small. If the casualties in this war are bound to be extremely serious, there will be fewer and fewer people.
They have to consider these naturally.
But the king of Han and the king of Su are different. The emperor and queen are afraid, but when they are afraid of them, they are even more rampant.
Cold Wang Fengxiao laughed. "Today, Wang Ding wants to drive the princess out of the ice and jade pool. It will be interesting to see if anyone dares to stop her. You should let a dead man insult the royal family and the king will never promise."

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