Yuan Fan said, "Nature is to protect our strength and strive to counterattack our Yuan clan."

Yuan Huang’s face showed a sneer. "You’re right. He is protecting his strength, but now he doesn’t want to counterattack our Yuan clan, but is waiting for our Yuan clan to attack him."
Yuan Fan was stunned. "What do you mean?"
Yuan Huang glanced at Yuan Fan and explained, "He never recognizes himself as the savior, so he will do what he can, and he will ignore the life and death of other Terrans and Demons in mainland China. Before he leaves Cangyu mainland, he will move away with all his own people. This can be said that if he fights with us now, his relatives and friends may die, and he will not take the initiative to do these things, but if I attack him, he will be forced to fight with us."
If Lin Yu heard Yuan Huang say these words here, he would be surprised that Yuan Huang knew him.
Indeed, this is what Lin Yu is thinking now.
Yuan Fan asked cautiously, "Dad, as you say, if we don’t attack the Lins, then we will always live in peace like this?"
Yuan Huang sneered, "The theory is this, but do you think my father and I can bear Lin Yu?"
Yuan Fan’s face shows a strange expression, which is really impossible.
The Great Devil Liu caused their father’s strength to fall from the lofty realm of Cang Yu, and the ghost azure killed Yuan Wei. Lin Yu not only refined Yuan Fan’s two brothers into puppets, but also killed Yuan Chuan in Laojiu.
In other words, Lin Yu’s grandfather and father, Lin Yuren, were enemies with the Yuan clan. How could the Yuan Emperor let them go?
Yuan Huang hasn’t started work yet, so I don’t know where Lin Yu is, and I’m also worried about the situation in Ryukyu and Jianxin Jianzong, mainland China.
"What’s the situation with Liu Xin Jianzong?" Suddenly remembered the ryukyu heart sword ZongYuan emperor then asked
Yuan Fan said, "Yoda and Yu Shan have returned the news. Zong Zheng, the sword of Ryukyu Heart, is doing the same thing as we are doing now to unify the mainland of Heaven. I estimate that their sword Sect step is to come here and settle accounts with us. They want to destroy Lin Yu. It’s really bad to wait until we fight with the sword of Ryukyu Heart and Lin Yu."
Yuan Huang praised Yuan Fan’s suggestion. "Then do you think we should draw Lin Yu out?"
Yuan Fan laughed. "Dad, if I’m not mistaken, you’ll always have the answer. Will you ask me again?"
"No, I just want to listen to you," Yuan Huang said very seriously. "Although I have given birth to many daughters in recent years, you have the strength to be my heir."
"Thank you for your appreciation!" Although I knew this for a long time, Yuan Huang personally said that Yuan Fan was still very excited to bow down on one knee and salute Yuan Huang.
"All right, just tell me your specific plan." Yuan Huang said.
"Yes" Yuan Fan got up and spoke his thoughts. "It depends on my father. You leave six families. Although there is nothing in these six families and Lin Yu, Xiaofei, Ouyang Xiu, Yan Ruo Ning and Wang Haoxuan can’t get away from them. If they hear that their family is in trouble, Father, do you think they will come out and die on their knees?
Through the efforts of six families for several years, six big cities in the western desert have begun to take shape, and there is a tendency to continue to expand to the west
At this time, the six families are not pampered in the past, and their skin tends to be bronzed and slightly dark and rough because of the wind and the sun.
If the men in these six big cities are housekeepers or housekeepers, their children and grandchildren will have to work hard to turn the desert into an oasis.
They had given up hope of returning to the prosperous Cangyu mainland, but on this day they were unexpectedly invited by the Yuan Emperor.
"Six householders feel that you have helped the emperor to return to Cangyu mainland, and this anniversary invites you and your immediate family members to attend the emperor’s celebration banquet."
Yuan Huang’s voice appeared in front of six masters at the same time. It seems that his wrinkled old face has not changed much, and he is still so arrogant.
"Is he willing to let us go back to the mainland? !” The six big families are very excited, as if someone who has gone to despair for a long night suddenly appeared at dawn.
The six masters are not as naive as their younger generation. They have already seen through the Yuan Emperor’s knowledge that this old thing is definitely not kind.
Ignoring the excitement of their younger generation, they directly sent a message back to the Yuan Emperor, meaning the same thing: "We dare not ask the Yuan Emperor’s adult gift, so we won’t go after giving it away."
Nazhi Yuan Huang’s message came up later. "I have been waiting for the invitation of the emperor outside your city and don’t want to be rejected."
Even if someone is slow to respond, it’s all for nothing at this time. Yuan Huang, this is a kidnapping.

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