At this time, Zhang Yangzao finished Yuan Neng’s practice. He was chatting and sitting on a wooden board to show the scroll of "vigorously chopping the blade" and watching …

Since that time, Zhang Yang, his partner, has suddenly been able to vaguely feel the illusory thing of the soul, and his cultivation speed has also increased. Many little guys have become more and more closely connected.
Rongrong talks and sleeps a lot less, sometimes pulling Zhang Yang to tell stories.
Zhang Yang still can’t feel how high the velvet realm is. The little guy doesn’t fight, loves to play, loves to eat and loves to sleep.
Since he experienced a thunder robbery, he has the ability to jump the gap. The little guy can teleport more than ten meters in a short distance, and it is difficult for most people to catch him.
Zhang Yang was also named "Li" in some ancient books. Besides, he knew nothing about mastering this supernatural ability.
With simple ability, the little guy can also enter and exit Zhang Yang’s ring at will!
After coming to the island, Zhang often fought and was reluctant to leave Zhang’s place, so he slept in Zhang’s ring so that Zhang could rest assured that he could fight and sleep.
Generally, rings can hold dead things, and only special treasures can live things.
Rongrong can sleep, and Zhang Yang somehow attributed it to Rongrong’s special ability.
Rongrong has grown up a lot, and now Zhang has to hold him in both hands.
At the moment, the little guy’s two paws are holding a fruit with a spirit. Zhang just picked the little guy the day before yesterday and is climbing Zhang’s head and holding Zhang’s martial arts scroll.
But those dark eyes are full of doubts and confusion.
I was sleepy when I caught the little guy. I ate Lingguo and flew directly into Zhang Yang’s ring and went to bed again.
Then Li Dabao loudly rang "treasure hunt! It’s time for the cohabiting two to get up! "
Zhang Yangnai’s cover on that day was Zhang Yang’s three men and Wu Yuyi.
However, Wu Yu called Zhang to live together because he was uneasy. They were chatting and practicing in the dark, and there was nothing for him.
And Li Dabao just doesn’t believe it. Two people, Zhang Yanghou, have the nerve to ignore Wu Yu himself, so Li Dabao is angry.
Zhang Yang Wu Yu walked out of the cabin, and the Nangong Qi Li Dabao was ready at this time.
Li Dabao carrying the handle arm long as crescent sky blue machete and the nangongshan strange waist around a handle soft sword.
The killer organization had a dagger, soft sword, so he came to Zhang without asking, just as he knew how to use tiger cannon boxing. Before the killer organization, many people had their own backgrounds, and it was not surprising that they had a sword.
"Bang!" Zhang also took out the machete with a width of two meters from the ring, and he came up with the handle of the broadsword in one hand.
"Xiao Yang, what are you doing? So you pull the broadsword away, "Li Dabao asked doubtfully.
Zhang pointed to the nangongshan strange Li Dabao way "you all take out your weapons I also take out bai! Go out for a while to prevent accidents. "
Wu Yu took Zhang with a big knife and said with a smile, "You idiot, it’s good to carry a big knife, and it’s not impossible to pull your strength."
Zhang embarrassed way "oh! It turns out that there are some deficiencies in knife movement. "
"Hoo!" When the white light flashed, Zhang Yang shouldered a two-meter broadsword, which was very imposing.
At this time, Nangong Qi talked about business.
He said flatly, "There must be a lot on this island to help you break through the martial arts Dan medicine. If you don’t have high strength, you will be very passive. The goal this time is to find a breakthrough in the martial arts Dan medicine. Of course, it is also important to get the treasure again. This time we may be a long time away."
Li Dabao said, "Recently, how to cultivate Yuan Neng’s strength has to find a breakthrough opportunity, and I haven’t really fought for seven days. My machete is rusty."
Zhang also said with a smile, "Your knife is too gentle and it’s not good for me to be more cool."
Wu Yu also said, "A lout is a big fool with a sissy machete."
"hey! Make fun of me. I’ll change a cool broadsword within ten days. Then I’ll use this knife as a firewood cutter. "Li Dabao’s voice echoed through the forest very loudly.
As he spoke, the four men walked in the direction of killing the mountains in the heart of a desert island. Chapter 65 Dan
Chapter 65 Break the border Dan
The killing of desert islands in the southern ocean here is a drop in the bucket, but it is vast to a thousand people. Apart from the barren forest, there are hundreds of highest peaks, which are thousands of meters high!
Zhang Yang four people searched for many mountains, and after three days, they killed a few more wild animals, but they didn’t find a panacea.
Of course, the four of them also have a great harvest. Some teams have met and got a lot of news about the treasure magic.
These sources of information are not given to others for nothing, but are all robbed by Zhang Yang or exchanged for information by hard means.
On the morning of the fourth day out, there was still a faint fishy smell on the island …
Four people climb a mountain higher than 3 thousand meters to the north.
Li Dabao took the sky blue machete and slashed the weeds around him at random, and the weeds were cut off and fell to both sides.
The green weeds in this mountain are higher than two or three meters, so Zhang Yang has seen such high green grass. Except for this mountain, Zhang Yang has never walked through a big mountain with such high weeds.
Li Dabao slashing while still sulking way "annoying! Annoying! I am most afraid of when this kind of wandering will be a head! "
"Silly individual chanting you is more annoying" Wu Yu frowns to stop Li Dabao from speaking like chanting.
Zhang smiled with a broadsword on his shoulder. "You’ve said it several times, haven’t you reached your destination? I don’t know if the first novel is true or not. "
"No matter whether it’s true or not, the little one is dead anyway. No one knows we will come here," said Kiyomi Nangong, a blonde.
The day before yesterday, Zhang Yang met more than a dozen youths from the first team to rob scrolls. Although the other side also had two two-star martial artists, they were no match for Nangong Qi Zhang Yang.

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