After reviewing watermelon head punk Wang Jinfa, Cao Fang said to Zhouyi

"Cao Fang I you are tired enough. You are the deputy district chief. Don’t be hands-on about everything. You have to do is to command. You can give you a message and ask them to bring people back and then go to Longcheng Gold Store to wait for them. But this rabbit may not really come. Seven of them were injured by me. Will they rob the gold store again? This is still a question. Chapter 77 misfits ()
Zhou Yi smiled at Cao Fang. "You are a girl no matter how you say it. Don’t be so tired."
"It’s okay. We’re still a good soldier of the Criminal Investigation Brigade. There are still many of these guys with a dozen big goals. It’s not difficult to catch them."
Cao Fang nodded a little after hearing Zhouyi’s words, and then she called her by hand.
"Officer, you can’t break your word. I can tell everything. Why do you want to arrest me?" Wang Jinfa, a watermelon head punk, said with a cry and a snot.
"You silly little police are sure to take you back to the public security bureau to make a record. Besides, you are also uneasy outside now. Those people have caught your arrogant brother, so you are safe. You have made meritorious deeds this time. Once you catch your boss, the police will let you go."
Zhouyi glanced at Wang Jinfa scold a way
Wang Jinfa a listen to feel reasonable also don’t talk.
Soon Cao Fang’s hand came. It was the second time that the bureau had to fight against Zhouyi. Officer Liu Hengshui was taught a lesson by Zhouyi and learned that Zhouyi and Director Zhang Yanghao were very polite when they met Zhouyi. After that, they didn’t have that look.
After Liu Hengshui took Wang Jinfa, a punk from watermelon head, there were Zhouyi and Cao Fang in the square.
"I should go back. My parents are old, too. When I get back late all night, they are worried that something will happen to me."
Cao Fang said to Zhouyi
"I’ll see you off"
"I’m driving," Cao Fang said.
"I can also give you a ride. It’s a courtesy. Besides, I’m not your fake boyfriend. It would be rude if I didn’t give you a ride." Zhou Yi laughed. "Liu Youcai didn’t come to pester you."
"He didn’t pester me after this incident," Cao Fang replied.
So the two men got their own cars and went to Xiaoshan District in tandem.
A quarter of an hour later, Zhouyi sent Cao Fang to the door of her community, and then both of them got off the bus.
"Zhouyi, thank you for teaching me to practice martial arts. You are really good at wing chun boxing. I will definitely study hard." Cao Fang said to Zhouyi, "But you mustn’t hide anything. Give me all the real kung fu."
"Don’t worry, I still want to learn to dance with you. I’ll teach you to practice boxing and you teach me to dance. It’s fair." Zhouyi laughed. "So you don’t thank me."
"You have a high understanding of dancing, and it is estimated that you will be better than me before long, but I can’t learn your martial arts in a year and a half."
Cao Fang smiled. "You are a boy and there is no way to make you suffer."
However, after Cao Fang said this sentence, she felt that the deer was bumping around because she remembered her previous dance with Zhouyi and almost crazy in love.
"Well, anyway, I can sometimes go to Yuntian Boxing Hall on weekends. Now the main thing is to recruit students. I don’t need to go to class on weekends."
Zhouyi replied
"Then thank you for seeing me off." Cao Fangdao "I went in first."
Zhouyi nodded and waved goodbye to Cao Fang. At this time, a young woman, Zhouyi, came out at the gate of the community. She had good eyesight and he came out. This year, women were very similar to Cao Fang’s forehead.
"Xiao Fang, you come back," the young woman came straight to Cao Fang.
"Mom, why are you out? It’s a little cold outside. Why don’t you stay inside?" Cao Fang said with a pull.
This year, the woman is Cao Fang’s mother Wu Si ‘e.
"I heard that you had a boyfriend, and you didn’t tell us that my building came when I heard a car coming. I didn’t expect it to happen."
Cao Fang’s mother Wu Si ‘e said and went straight to Zhouyi.
"Young man, you are my friend from Xiao Fang, right? Why don’t you come into the house and sit down?" Wu Si ‘e walked up to Zhouyi and said.
"It’s aunt, isn’t it? How can I go to your house so late?"
Zhouyi was slightly dumbfounded and then smiled and said that Cao Fang’s mother really regarded him as Cao Fang’s boyfriend.
"Yes, I am Cao Fang’s mother. My name is Wu. You can call me Aunt Wu and come to my house. What’s the shame? Aren’t they all family?"
Cao Fang’s mother, Wu Si ‘e, was very enthusiastic about pulling Zhouyi away.
Cao Fang is twenty-five years old and has graduated from police college for three years, but she has never had a boyfriend and grew up with her neighbor Liu Youcai. She is not her mother Wu Si ‘e, and her father Cao Xixin has persuaded her several times that he and Liu Youcai can settle it, but Cao Fang has always disagreed with her parents that there is nothing she can do. However, the girl is twenty-five years old but she is not young. Her parents are anxious and have been urging her to find a boyfriend at once. Cao Fang has good conditions and high vision. Someone once introduced her to several, but she didn’t.
So for Cao Fang to find a boyfriend, it became a matter of parents’ concern
It’s also a coincidence that I grew up with Cao Fang and always admired Cao Fang Liu Youcai and found my best friend Liu Xiaofei. Instead of trying to teach Zhou Yi a lesson, he was taught by Zhou Yi. After he learned that Zhou Yi was unusual, he didn’t want to haunt Cao Fang any more. However, he was still a little uncomfortable in his heart and told Cao Fang’s parents that Cao Fang already had a boyfriend. Only then did Cao Fang’s mother meet Zhou Yi today and regarded Zhou Yi as Cao Fang’s boyfriend.
"Mom, it’s so late. What are you doing dragging people home?"
Cao Fang knew that his mother must have regarded Zhouyi as her boyfriend. She was greatly embarrassed and hurriedly said that she blushed slightly when she said this sentence.

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