Look at our super narcissism … haha … The world was shocked and fell out of the room.
Chapter 43 Two people join hands.
Listen to the bamboo porch drawing room Xiao Huang, a face of black lines, raise my hand and rubbed his forehead. This girl is so narcissistic. How can he be that she is not stupid? It is because he suspects that she is better that she will come and find out on the spur of the moment, but she was surprised by her super narcissism and fell directly from the room. If such a thing is said, she will be afraid of being laughed to death.
Xiao Huang thought while looking at Su Wan, she saw Su Wan’s thin face, a pair of dark bright pupil eyes blinking and staring at him. These eyes are big and bright, and with a shallow fog color, it seems that the beads are moving in the fog. At this time, she is so cute and soft that Lin Xiaolu can’t say how cute she is, which can affect people’s minds.
Xiao Huang forgot to speak for a moment. Su Wan didn’t hear him speak, and once again he said, "Beauty brother, am I particularly beautiful?"
Xiao Huang looked at her coolly after waking up and said slowly, "Ladies narcissism is a disease."
After he finished, he turned and walked to the side of the drawing room. Su Wan breathed a sigh of relief because she knew that the danger had been lifted. Because of her previous super narcissism, this guy no longer doubted her, so she was safe.
Su Wan laughed while thinking, but she couldn’t help thinking that Xiao Huang called her ladies. Things couldn’t help but be slightly annoyed. "My name is not ladies."
"If you don’t call it ladies, you can call it silly."
Xiao Huang directly said that the meaning in his words was obvious. He could choose one of the two and he knew which one to choose.
Su wan walked to one side with a full face of anger and sat down.
"Beauty brother, what are you doing here?"
She couldn’t wait for a generation not to pay him, for fear that he might find out that she was stronger than him. Secondly, she still felt guilty after all, especially since she knew that Xiao Huang was indifferent, but the fact that he was cold-hearted was many times better than those insidious and indifferent guys around her didn’t know.
Xiao Huang looked at Su Wan with faint eyes. "Ladies, you seem to have something to do for the world?"
As soon as he said this, Su Wan’s scalp became numb. He asked her to help him find out who had been in the purple bamboo forest that night, but the person who had entered the purple bamboo forest was herself. Where could she find out and now she could prevaricate?
"Beauty brother, I will check it for you. I will check it for you as soon as I have it. What do you think?"
Su Wan also yawned delicately, indicating that she was sleepy and wanted to have a rest.
In fact, she took a nap for a long time, but she was not sleepy at all. She just drove Xiao Huang away.
It’s a pity that Xiao Huang ignored her elegant mouth, "Look it up before you have it."
"Check it now?" Su Wan was surprised to see where to check now.
"The world decided to check your darkness with you. If someone has been in the purple bamboo forest, it will definitely show clues." He wanted ladies to check it, but he thought that even if someone had been in the purple bamboo forest that night, he was afraid that she would not find it. He decided to let ladies check his face and stare at him. If someone had really been in the purple bamboo forest, he would definitely show clues. Then he would catch that person that night.
Su Wan’s face was bitter at once. Although she knew she couldn’t find anything, she was still worried about what if someone found her in the purple bamboo forest that night.
"Ladies, ladies" Xiao Huang’s face is cold and her whole body is covered with cold breath. Her eyes are addicted to dark staring at Su Wan.
Su Wan knew that this guy was angry when he looked at him.
"I don’t know how to check."
Su Wan nai said Xiao Huang listened to her, and the delicate face relaxed and some sounds became moist.
"You can threaten them and say that you saw them in the purple bamboo forest that night. If one of them really went into the purple bamboo forest, I would be shocked. I will find you even if it is finished. Don’t forget that I promised you that if you help me find out who entered the purple bamboo forest, I will protect you."
Su Wan picked his eyebrows to say that she has someone to protect the Huiwangdian and her eyes are protecting her.
But before Sue wan said Xiao Huang, she sneered at her long eyebrows and said, "You really benefit Wang Neng to protect you. Nothing? King Hui has his own eyes. He can protect you everywhere. Even if he has the heart, sometimes he doesn’t have the strength. "
Xiao Huang’s breath is two points colder than before, and his face is also a little ugly.
Su Wan didn’t expect Hui Wang to talk about protecting her. This guy also knows that it seems that she should be more careful after he sent someone to keep an eye on Anguo Houfu. However, Su Wan didn’t object to Xiao Huang’s words. Although Hui Wang is an emperor, he is often timid because of his sensitive identity. Unlike Xiao Huang, although he is not an emperor, he is much more arbitrary because he is heavily armed with the place of Xi.
In particular, he said that if she was really in trouble, he would certainly keep his word and protect her. This is a big favor.
Su Wan was thinking that Xiao Huang’s face was getting worse and worse. Looking at Su Wan coldly, he said, "It’s so hard for the world to make you do something. Don’t forget that the world protected you when you benefited the beautiful garden. Previously, I paid twenty-five thousand two hundred silver for you. If you don’t want to help the world, bring me twenty-five thousand two hundred silver immediately or give me the jade snow silver awn."
Xiao Huang knew that Su Wan was very worried about the fact that Jade Snow Silver Mans was threatening her with this matter, and he didn’t care about it at all.
When Su Wan heard that his face changed, he quickly said, "Who doesn’t want to? Who do you want to check first?"
"Su Yue"
Xiao Huang firmly said that the whole body was covered with bloodthirsty ShaQi, and the coldness spread to the whole drawing room as if it were covered with the cold in the extreme north. Su Wan couldn’t help but raise her hand and hold her chest.
This guy is crazy. Every time he talks about what happened that night, he is horribly gloomy and bloodthirsty like a hell shura. If he knows that she has strengthened him, he will definitely tear her to pieces.
So she must be careful.
Xiao Huang naturally doesn’t know what Su Wan is thinking at the moment. He thinks that if he finds out who entered Zizhulin and strengthened him, he must make that woman wish she were dead.
"Let’s go"
Xiao Huang looked back and saw Su Wan’s worried look slowly and gently, and the tone was much more moist. "Ladies, don’t worry, just ask them if they have been in the purple bamboo forest. I will pay attention to their movements in the dark. If anyone has been in the purple bamboo forest, I will definitely find out."
There are too many people, even if the woman is hidden, he won’t notice, but this time it’s different. Observing Xiao Huang directly one by one is confident that he can find this person.
Su Wan listened to Xiao Huang’s words, and it’s extremely difficult. She can crustily skin of head and walk once. Well, this guy didn’t doubt her head, otherwise she would be in big trouble. She thought about her face and put a smile on her face. "Well, I’ll ask you again. Even after I finish your work, don’t say that I didn’t help you."
What she means by this is that she asked once, even if she finished him, can she find out if he needs someone? It’s none of her business
Xiao Huang listened to her words, and her eyes were slightly dark. She looked at Su Wan and saw that la Huang’s little face was charming and smiling, and she couldn’t help saying, "Just be smart and go."

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