Two blood springs spewed out, and the two men turned into four pieces and half bodies and fell to the ground. They were not dead yet and gave a faint moan.

One of them had the strength to struggle and asked, "What …"
There was no answer. It was a huge axe that fell on its back and smashed its two heads to powder, completely cutting off their vitality.
Killed two people’s short shadows, turned the axe back carefully and looked around carefully to make sure that no one was snooping. Only then did the figure fly and flash in the field and disappear.
"What is this?" Seeing the man walking away quickly, Molin felt that his body pressure was gradually weakening, but his legs were still soft.
Mo Lin has determined that it must be Lu Ping. Did he really steal the dragon slayer without permission?
In this way, it seems that the former speculation has wronged the military commander.
But why did Lu Ping steal the dragon slayer? In this way, he has become a common wanted enemy of the seven great families in this continent. In addition to going to the Everglades to go to the monster beast clan, he is afraid of another way out.
"Is he colluding with the monster beast?" Molin felt that he had caught the problem key.
If Luping hadn’t colluded with the monster beast in advance, how could the monster beast come to siege at this time? It is precisely because of the three-way scuffle between the military commander and the monster beast that Lu Ping has created an escape opportunity. All this seems to prove that Lu Ping and the monster beast are United
Although there is no more sufficient evidence, Molin’s heart has already determined his guess.
With Lu Ping’s departure, Mo Lin’s body gradually became conscious, and the great pressure disappeared without seeing the true qi, and the body became smooth again.
I don’t know how long it took for Molin to be able to exercise at last. He got up and exercised, and his limbs were relieved.
"What’s so strange about this Lu Pingshen? After that, you should stay away from him … "Mo Lin couldn’t figure out what was strange. This night was full of strange things, and even if you take the wise man, you can sort out the context and connection of events at the moment.
"Who cares? Just avoid him. I hope we are not going in the same direction." Molin can comfort herself so much.
I was just about to go on my way, and my feet trembled, and in the distance came the mammoth elephant, familiar with the roar.
"Escaped by the monster beast?" Mo Lin was surprised to look back and see the distant dust rolling and the earth shaking more and more violently. Obviously, the mammoth ran wildly.
Mo Lin calculated the speed discovery theory. How he ran would soon be chased by the mammoth. He immediately made a decision and flicker back to hiding in the bushes.
"I hope it will run back to the swamp all the time, don’t stay." Mo Lin said nervously. He can kill three young soldiers with one enemy, but it is impossible to fight against the giant mammoth. If it is really a narrow road, Mo Lin can only do it desperately.
Moments later, the smoke billowed, and the mammoth figure had already revealed its outline. Judging from the potential and footsteps, there were different mammoths, and there should be other monsters and many pursuers.
The mammoth is getting closer and closer to Molin’s body. Every time the mammoth steps down, it is shaken. He has no doubt that the mammoth can stamp out a big hole in the ground at any time if he wants.
Mammoth rushed to the crowd and still strode. Behind it were four beasts, and there were many other monsters in the smoke. Each of them ran for their lives as quickly as possible.
Behind them are the soldiers’ weapons. The most dazzling thing is that Mo Lin is familiar with the white sword light.
See the mammoth will rush past the ink forest and chase after it. The sword light suddenly soars up to the sky and rises at an alarming speed. It throws a firm but gentle shock wave over the defeated monster beast, crashing to the ground and cutting out a deep trench.
The mammoth rushed too hard and fell into the ditch. When it stopped, it blocked the whole road. The monster beast behind hit the monster beast in front, and it was a mess.
"ouch!" Mammoths roared and shook their huge heads and tusks, and a strong wind almost swayed Molin’s hiding bushes.
"Good guy" Mo Lin fell lower. Whether it’s a monster or a military commander, it’s not Mo Lin’s friends. Once they reveal their whereabouts, things will be in trouble.
"The master said that none of you want to escape." Xiao Yimo fell in the way, and the blue lines of the white crane Excalibur in his hand seemed to constitute a complex pattern.
"ouch!" The mammoth roared and rushed, and the four behemoths embraced, and it seems that they want to make a quick victory and break out with an open hand.
In the face of the five giant monster beasts, Xiao Yimo was terrified. His body flashed with his wings and his back instantly gave birth to his wings, and he soared into the sky.
In the middle of the man’s life, Xiao Jiaomo waved the Excalibur of the White Crane, swinging it up one after another and cutting it off with a sharp but firm but gentle spirit.
"Brush!" The shock wave fell from the sky, and the murderous look was amazing. Among the four behemoths, the crocodile leaned on a scale and swung its tail hard to resist the shock wave like a rainbow. It was solved. The crocodile’s tail was cut off and the crocodile screamed and turned to escape. The second shock wave had been cut down to see it pierce the nail ground.
The other three giant monster beasts were also chopped into five or six lizards in the same field, and their hands, feet and tails were all cut off by firm but gentle shock, but they were also stabbed with holes and cried miserably.
"Too much" Mo Lin has been keeping a close eye on Xiao Wei’s firm but gentle attitude, and this just knows that Xiao Guiyan’s tricks are too humiliating for Xiao’s father and his son.
Chapter 7 bustling city
Chapter 7 bustling city
Killed four behemoths in a flash, but the mammoth didn’t lose the shock wave. Although it was severe, cutting the mammoth’s body was like scratching it. At most, it cut off a few loose hairs

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