Yang night felt uncomfortable in his heart. This Xiao Xiao said that Qian Boyi reminded him of Mrs. Yang, who had lived together for a long time. He was very aware of the feelings of grandparents and grandchildren. Thinking about Yang night like this, he regretted it. He never imagined that he was dreaming and excited to come to Xiao Xiao, but he hurt another old man who brought him up before.

There was a silence for a while. Yang Ye suddenly said, "Xiaoxiao, take me to see Qian Bo later. I should let him come back."
"Ah?" Xiaoxiao heard Yang night say that the first thought was that the gentleman’s letting Qian Bo come back meant that he didn’t want her. He turned his head to look at Yang night and his feet slipped and he was about to fall …
Everyone Yang night will rush to take Xiaoxiao to her arms with one stride? No sanitary area is not counted as Xiao Yang’s night roots don’t respond. Xiaoxiao directly fell down and cried out in pain. Then Yang fun run used to hold Xiaoxiao’s arms nervously and asked, "Did it hurt?"
Xiaoxiao really doesn’t hurt much, because the sanitary floor is the kind of oak resin soft rubber leather, but I was moved by seeing the gentleman so nervous. This moved face turned red with his head down and he avoided Yang night’s eyes and didn’t know what to say.
Yang night misunderstood Xiaoxiao’s blushing pain and couldn’t speak, so he reached out to Xiaoxiao’s face and hooked his shoulder with one hand, and held Xiaoxiao’s legs from the face with the other hand.
Xiaoxiao was stunned and put his arms around Yang night neck. Yang night held her out of the health, but when he saw the gentleman holding himself to the bed, Xiaoxiao finally cried anxiously, "Gentleman! Gentleman, let me come! Xiaoxiao is fine! Let Xiaoxiao come! "
"Don’t be noisy, I’ll show you." Yang Ye took Xiaoxiao to the bed like a little sister and looked at her and asked, "Where does it hurt?"
Xiaoxiao lying on her back in bed is near at hand. It is Yang Ye’s face that makes Xiaoxiao too ashamed to breathe normally. It is holding her breath, shaking her head, trying to close her eyes, but not daring to keep blinking.
Come to Yang night and hug Xiaoxiao to bed. It’s time to see if Xiaoxiao is injured. There is absolutely no evil thought in his heart. But in front of him, Xiaoxiao is shrinking her little shoulders and her face is so red with shame. Her big eyes are watery and flickering, and she looks like a cute person who resists what people want. Any normal man may not be able to stand it …
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Chapter 15 "Tearing up the Virgin Certificate"
◎ Xiaoxiao became the savior of Uniform Xin.
◎ Xiaoxiao found that he might like a gentleman.
◎ Yang Ye knew that he had hurt Qian Bo.
◎ Yang night took Xiaoxiao to bed …
Xiaoxiao had a presentiment that something was going to happen. Although she came to Yang’s house and was to be a maid by a gentleman, Xiaoxiao had already prepared for Yang’s night, but she was still nervous and scared to death when everything was about to happen.
Watching Yang Ye support himself with his hands on both sides, staring at himself and stopping in front of him, his face is getting closer and closer, and his breathing is getting more and more urgent. Xiaoxiao can cry out timidly, "Do you want to … now?"
By xiaoxiao, Yang Ye suddenly realized that he was rude and quickly straightened up and smiled awkwardly and said, "Cough! Ahem! Well ….. Where does it hurt? Xiaoxiao? "
"I’m fine, gentleman. I’m really fine." Xiaoxiao saw that Yang night was awkward and warmed up physically and mentally. How much this gentleman respects people and women? It’s totally different from those sisters who work as maids with Yang family!
Otherwise, how can I say that women are emotional animals? Xiaoxiao’s heart beats faster because of this warmth in her heart. She also said something that surprised her: "The gentleman now … wants Xiaoxiao?"
Yang night head "om" a gawk xiaoxiao blush face timid and like looking forward to eyes constantly bullying chest due to shortness of breath and pink skirt a pair of * * finally can’t control a cruel, a grind, a stamp tore up the heart of a long-cherished virgin body sank to xiaoxiao.
Xiaoxiao, though shy, was kissed by Yang night’s hot lips on his cheeks, ears and neck, and his whole body was soft and he groaned gently with severe breathing.
To xiaoxiao sounds like baby sounds, it’s very annoying. A groan at close range is suspected to be equivalent to a lust bomb detonated in Yang night’s ear, which makes Yang night more excited. Two people’s lips are finally bonded together. Xiaoxiao’s soft tongue is a little sweet, and Yang night’s lips are completely crazy. Kissing hands is also nervously stroking from Xiaoxiao’s chest slowly until there is no clothes to block the skin. When Yang Yexian feels that his hand has just touched Xiaoxiao’s thigh, Xiaoxiao suddenly shakes a little, like a fear, like a charming grunt.
Yang Ye was encouraged. He had seen some of them before, and it was very enjoyable to make such a sound with those ordinary girls in * * movies. At this time, Yang Ye was in no mood to think about things. He was full of expectations that his horse would be married to a different * * for the first time, and he was married to such a beautiful and lovely girl for the first time. Is there any regret?
Xiaoxiao felt that the gentleman was holding up a certain part of his body, and great changes had taken place. Last night, he had seen everything in Yang Night. At this time, she managed to control the recurring images of that thing in her mind, and she felt even more ashamed when she was afraid.
Yang Yexing is hard to extricate himself. He has already seen a few grains of clothes and a white bra inside. Just this * * Oh, no, it’s a wonderful moment when the morning is worth a thousand dollars. Damn it! Who knocked at the door again?
Yang Ye’s bedroom door has a touch doorbell. If you put your hand on it, there will be music, which means that someone outside is suddenly playing at this moment. Yang Ye and Xiaoxiao look at each other at the same time and then blush with embarrassment at the same time.
The most obvious cooling sign of Yang’s enthusiasm and instantaneous cooling at night is that it has changed from twelve o’clock to half past six. He is annoyed that he can turn over from Xiaoxiao and straighten his clothes with his head down.
Xiaoxiao sat up and didn’t dare to look at the gentleman. He adjusted his breath and adjusted his bra position with buttons. After the whole person calmed down, he secretly glanced at Yang night and got up and walked quickly to the bedroom door.
Outside the door is a girl dressed as an ordinary maid, with a sweet smile on her face. When she sees Xiaoxiaomen stunned, the horse looks ugly.
"rustling?" Xiaoxiao also froze and then laughed. "Why are you?"
This is already lower than Xiaoxiao’s level. Many maids are called Susie.
When Yang night returned to the Yang family mansion, the maid welcomed the team next to Xiaoxiao, which was rustling. She watched the Yang family gentleman go to her side and stared at Xiaoxiao. After asking some words, she kissed Xiaoxiao. This matter rustled up. Now she seems that she is not ugly than Xiaoxiao, and she is more cute than Xiaoxiao. Although she is one year older than Xiaoxiao, she is already twenty-one and … And it is not * * but it is only in this way that she proves that she knows men better than Xiaoxiao and can serve the gentleman better!

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